I am experienced in a variety of domains including Cloud Infrastructure, Speech Recognition and Processing, IoT, finance and banking. I have basic understanding of machine learning specifically deep learning. I am an active open source contributor with contributions in some major libs in the Scala ecosystem proudly including small patches in the next gen Scala compiler (dotty).

I am a functional programmer. My primary interest is in developing highly scalable distributed systems.


Oracle - Engineering Manager

Oct 2020 – Present, Bengaluru, India

Oracle - Principal Member Of Technical Staff

Nov 2019 – Present, Bengaluru, India

Tech lead on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR) team in India. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry is an Oracle-managed registry which can be used as a public/private Docker registry for pushing and pulling Docker images to and from the Registry using standard docker CLI.

Voicezen - Principal Engineer

Aug 2018 – Sep 2019, Gurugram, India

Developed the main GraphQL api backend and microservices to ingest, process and display data and insights using Spring, Scala, Java, Elasticsearch, MongoDB.

Wrote a querying DSL lib in Scala to provide a concise and consistent api to enable custom on demand UI search and report widget building.

Wrote a task management system for assigning and monitoring crowd sourced tasks using http4s, Elasticsearch in Scala. Enables tasks rollout, validation and monitoring.

Wrote a streaming server and client to ingest data into the system using fs2, http4s in Scala.

Wrote a flutter app and backend for voice data collection using Scala, http4s and AWS S3.

Developed techniques for detecting interruptions in speech.

Wrote various tools and scripts in Python to sanitise data and extract features for training models.

Pramati Technologies - Principal Engineer

Aug 2013 – Aug 2018, Hyderabad, India

Built an anti money laundering system for banks. Responsible for the data backend with streaming ingestion, egress and complete provenance, written in fs2, http4s and Scala.

Lead a team to rewrite an AWS management platform ( in Scala.

Built a highly scalable IoT platform using Scala, Akka and Play framework.

Ericsson - Software Engineer

Jun 2011 – Jul 2013, Bengaluru, India

Worked on Java web applications development, UI designing, writing deployment scripts and helper tools, also maintained the production servers for the applications.

Worked on miscellaneous applications and solutions for helping in the transition to a Linux based open source IT environment.